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Buy wholesale Zambian emerald and Colombian emerald at wholesale prices Rounds, Ovals, Octagons, Pear shapes, Trillions, and many more.


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Loose Emerald Stones

Emerald is the second Coloured Gemstone that SMGL EMERALLDS  has added to its inventory. Because the Rough needs to be cut in a specific way, about 90% of the Emerald has been produced in India. For this reason, our firm has integrated its effective methods into the Emerald Business. We have a considerable supply of free-size and calibrated cut stones in addition to Zambian emerald cabachons. ranging from 3x4 ovals, the lowest size, to 50-carat stones. available in a wide variety of forms, including trillions, octagons, rounds, ovals, and pear shapes
Size: Calibration up to 10×8 and then Free-Size
Shapes: All common shapes
Quality: Depending on transparency (Water) and Color requirements.Prices:
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Because they formed more than 500 million years ago, emeralds from East Africa have a longer geological history than emeralds from other sources.Situated in an area bordered by neighbours well-known for their gem reserves (imagine Mozambique rubies and Tanzanian tanzanites), Zambia has emerged as one of the world's most precious emerald sources very rapidly. A quarter of the world's emerald output comes from the mineral-rich copper belt region on each side of the Kafubu river.

Emerald Gemstone Wholesale Suppliers India for Sale

Chromium, iron, and beryllium give Zambian emeralds their stunning, deep green hue and contribute to the stone's overall depth. The unusual colour of Colombian emeralds, which varies from light to dark green and somewhat bluish to bluish-green, is caused by the absence of vanadium, which is prevalent in these stones. Because there are less "eye-visible" inclusions in Zambian emeralds than in Colombian ones, the clarity of the former is higher and the colour is enhanced by superior light reflection.Zambian emeralds are more intact in their crystal structure due to the way they form and are mined, resulting in remarkably clean stones with very few cracks.
Emerald, a priceless gemstone, aids in heart health maintenance and understanding of emotional demands. Emerald is the ultimate gemstone because of its flawless emerald colour and clarity. A loose emerald gemstone is like having a piece of history in your possession. They are not only beautiful, but they also possess some special qualities. Generally speaking, a flawless emerald with mild saturation costs more than one with mass saturation.
The price of a Natural Emerald Gemstone depends on variable factors. The fluctuation of Emerald's cost happens to its hues, carat weight, cut, and other reasons. But the standard price of an emerald stone is between Rs. 1270 to Rs. 10700.
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