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Supplying Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones To Jewelers

Do you recognise the exquisiteness of a wholesale labradorite gemstone as it is depicted in this picture? It is rumoured that labradorite is one of the expensive inclusions in rare gemstones.


In the same region of Madagascar where rubies and sapphires are produced, labradorite is a natural gemstone. Natural crystals generally create inclusions in the stone as a feature, like these black inclusions that resemble flowers. Any labradorite, including those from our wholesale collection, has the ability to exhibit labradorescence, an iridescent optical effect.

The cuts that we do for our Wholesale Labradorite and other gemstones at SMGL Gems MFG. CO. range from Rose Cuts to Normal Cuts, like in the example below of a 53 Baguette cut, Cabochon cut, and more. Our factory's highly trained artisans are the best in the business. Jaipur, India has been a historic centre for gem and jewellery manufacturing since ancient times. Our actual pros there and at our Chanthaburi, Thailand facility also make exact cuts and even create jewellery for the gemstones if necessary and precisely to your demands.  As a labradorite supplier and at wholesale labradorite rates, we offer a highly popular cut of labradorite called cabochons.

You can be assured our Labradorite Wholesale India Manufacturers, and as well as in the Chanthaburi and Bangkok Labradorite Gemstones Manufacturer Factories are run by our Ethical Standards too.


Look no farther than our site, if you are the owner of a jewellery or gemstones business and want a knowledgeable, qualified, and professional Supplier of Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones. To deliver you your quality Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones at the lowest Wholesale Prices, our family-run company will take all necessary steps. As with our wholesale labradorite gemstones, we can also provide you stunning wholesale moonstone gemstones as well as many other gemstones and manufactured jewellery items.

Send us an email right away, and a member of our knowledgeable team will respond to you within an hour. We can assist you much more quickly if you know your precise size, colour, shape, cut quality, and number, but we will also be happy to give you decision-making support. Please don't be hesitant to contact us right away with your purchase. We look forward to working with you in the future as long as you require Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones.
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