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Looking for wholesale gemstone online in India

 Buy Wholesale Gemstone Online In India - Etsy India

Looking for wholesale gemstone online in India? Shop for the best wholesale

gemstone from our collection of exclusive, customized & handmade products.

The Four Cs of available semi-precious stones

You must be aware of the characteristics of semi-precious gems if you plan to purchase them for one of your favourite pieces of jewellery. Let's quickly review the characteristics of high-quality gemstones and the four criteria for selecting semi-precious stones for sale.

Color: The most important feature of semi-precious gems is typically their colour. Each gemstone has a distinct colour as well as a variety of shades and variants ranging from brighter to darker colours.

Carat: When it comes to gemstones, weight is important. Costs for heavy gemstones are higher, whereas those with low weight rates are lower. However, a gemstone's quality might occasionally affect how much a weight costs.


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Cut - Cuts on semi-precious gems are also very important in determining the quality of the gems.

The cost of loose semi-precious stones also relies on the shape, cut, and accuracy of the gemstones.

Semi-precious stones for sale are offered at a special price at SMGL Gems. If you purchase wholesale, you will pay less for diamonds than do jewellers and stores.

What benefits come with purchasing specially cut diamonds for jewellery making?

Consequently, purchasing custom-cut gems for jewelry-making would highlight the potential beauty of that particular stone. Custom-cut gemstones have a distinctive design.

What are the Pros of buying faceted precious and semi-precious gemstones?

Essentially, a cut on gemstones is a facet. This can be broadly divided into two types: those with and those without aspects. You may be wondering why some gemstones are faceted while others are not at this point.

There are several reasons why a stone is cut into either of these two categories.

Custom Cut Gems for jewellery

Making Custom cut gems are those that have been shaped to your specifications. This process takes a great deal of effort and time. These gemstones don't fit into the mass production process that retail outlets demand. This is one of the biggest reasons you don't see custom cut gems at any chain jewellers.

However, you can directly shop custom cut gems for jewellery making from SMGL Gems. Our gems are cut with great attention and as per customer demand choices.

Why SMGL Gems is the Best Loose Color Gemstone Supplier - SMGL Gems 

Style and fashion are drastically changing when it comes to the decision to purchase loose coloured gemstones.

 SMGL Gems is a provider of loose coloured gemstones including garnet, opal, tourmaline, and other types of precious and semi-precious stones.

Why semi-precious gemstones for sale online Jewellery is So Popular?

For many years, people have been fascinated with gemstones, and their appeal has grown significantly over time. Jewelry made of precious and semi-precious gemstones is therefore among the most sought-after items of jewellery worldwide.

Jewelry made with semi-precious stones is the most valuable jewellery. These stones, including tourmaline, garnet, topaz, citrine, opal, and others, are used to make the jewellery.

The majority of these jewels are extremely uncommon and distinctive.

Semi-precious stone jewellery is suitable for both men and women to wear. To satisfy the global demand for this jewellery, there are billions of semi-precious gemstones available for sale to online customers and dealers.

Women typically wear semi-precious gemstone jewellery, especially at celebrations like weddings and Only gemstones, like opal and aquamarine, are considered to be so. One of the most beautiful and expensive types of jewellery is opal jewellery.

Numerous new patterns and designs have been introduced to the existing jewellery patterns as a result of the enormous demand for and popularity of semi-precious gemstone jewellery.

Why Buying different types of semi-precious stones & Loose Gemstones from wholesale dealers is a Good Idea?

Purchasing loose semi-precious gemstones from wholesalers has a number of benefits. First, you can buy the rare and exquisite diamond of your choice.

 1. Cost - Purchasing a loose semi-precious stone from a wholesaler will be five times less expensive than doing so from a jeweller or other gemstone dealers. This is so that they can mark up the price of each stone and sell at a profit as the jeweller might have purchased from a wholesaler dealer.

On the other hand, dealing with a wholesale gem dealer always results in substantial savings, which may extend beyond the cost of having loose gemstones set in jewellery.

2. Accessibility

You can choose from a variety of semi-precious stone types when purchasing gems from a dealer. This offers them the advantage of being able to make hundreds of the same piece of gemstone, whereas jewellery retailers typically do not have a wide and distinctive selection from which to choose.

The quality of loose gemstones, as opposed to those that are nearly comparable, are often what you get when you purchase them from a wholesaler or gem dealer as opposed to a jewellery store.

Consider the Opal Gem.

A jeweller might find it challenging to find this gemstone, but a wholesaler can show you a variety of shapes and sizes, all at a competitive price.

3. Value

When you purchase a gemstone from a dealer, you will be able to see any hidden inclusions, and the colour may appear deeper and brighter, however if you purchase the same gemstone from a jeweller, you will not be able to detect any hidden inclusions.

Give yourself an opportunity to shop from SMGL Gems if you are seeking for value for your money and considering purchasing various high-quality types of semi-precious stone or loose gemstones on the internet. You will be happy that you made the right choice!

Purchase Semi-Precious Stone at Bulk Rates

The most valuable stones are gems, which are naturally occurring bits taken from the earth and utilised to create jewellery such as rings, pendants, and necklaces in addition to being stunning.

Gemstones are becoming more and more scarce over time, and because of this, their value is always increasing. Therefore, selling them can easily result in a profit.

Purchase semi-precious stones at a discount.

Gemstones are sold at wholesale prices by SMGL Gems.

High-quality gemstones of ours are offered for sale not only in Canada but also throughout the USA.

You can check out our trendy assortment by going to

Tips you need to care for your precious and semi-precious gemstones?

Both precious and semi-precious gemstones require equal care. Unfortunately, most individuals frequently erroneously assume that caring for diamonds requires more fortitude than they actually do.

Although it is undeniable that gemstones' scarcity and inherent hardness enable them to maintain their brilliance over time. However, precious and semi-precious gemstones require periodic cleaning to preserve their beauty and glitter, so you must take special care of them if you want to keep wearing jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones.

Use our simple guide to learn how to preserve the natural beauty of precious and semi-precious stones.

How to Clean your Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones?

You don't need any special cleaning agents to clean your gemstones because the majority of these stones can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent.

After applying the detergent solution, scrub the surfaces gently, preferably with a brush that has soft bristles.

The stone should then be raised and carefully dried using a soft cloth or towel.

 Always rinse jewellery with gemstone embellishments in a bowl; doing so might occasionally increase the danger of losing the gemstones.

How to buy gemstones from loose colour gemstone supplier?

You must practise dealing with stone merchants and purchasing genuine gemstones from suppliers of loose coloured gemstones before you can purchase your first gemstone.

Even the most knowledgeable gemstone hunter would never make a purchase without taking some simple safety measures and asking for reassurance.

Continue reading to learn some of the finest strategies for making purchases successful, simple, and stress-free.

1. Inform Yourself

You must have some fundamental information before buying any gemstones. So keep yourself informed on the elements that affect a gem's actual worth initially.

Examine Your Vendor

Before purchasing the jewels, have a conversation with the owner to get to know them better and better comprehend the goods.

The establishment of comfort requires taking this action.

3. Do not be afraid to ask for proof.

At the time of every gemstone transaction, request proof of purchase. Dealers who fall within the category of suppliers of loose coloured gemstones typically sell their goods with certificates of authenticity.

The most esteemed certification body is GIA. The purpose of certificates is to increase transparency and consumer trust in a product.

4. Request visuals, and For improved product quality, you should always request real-time videos and visuals when you want to purchase a gemstone.

Loose Semi-Precious Stones For Sale: A Smart Buy for Jewelry

We have a wide selection in terms of quality, size, form, and cut.

The largest selection of semi-precious and precious stones that are entirely natural can be found at SMGL Gems.

However, you will only find a small selection of loose gemstones if you go to your neighbourhood jeweller to buy them. However, you may get a wide selection of stones with the greatest options at the wholesale dealer.

Because many types are in short availability, retail jewellers only keep a limited amount in stock, and these jewels are subsequently sold for three times as much.

However, wholesale sellers provide discounted prices on the highest quality diamonds.

You can order our loose semi-precious stones for sale by visiting our Shop store at

Four Surprising benefits of wearing semi-precious stones

Wearing gemstones as jewellery, such as rings, pendants, and malas, is one of the most effective methods to reap their advantages. Even if our shop has a wide selection of diamonds, getting healthy has never been simpler.

Owning one of our lovely precious or semi-precious stones gives you a connection to the past. With the help of this lovely gift's history and relationship, everyone now can benefit.

Healing Potential- Gemstones have remarkable healing potential. Additionally, each semi-precious stone has an own therapeutic quality.

Each semi-precious stone represents a planet and can therefore pull energy from the ground and channel it toward you.

 Cleaning: Gemstones are frequently used to cleanse. They remove anything, including self-doubt and dread.

 Therefore, it would be great if you routinely cleansed your semi-precious or valuable jewels to remove built-up energies.

Sustainable: You've come to the correct place if you're looking for a lovely gemstone that fits your personal taste. The gemstones from SMGL Gems are eternal.

Our gemstones are mine-directly exported and lab-certified by organisations like GIA, SSEF, Gubelin, and others.

What are some of the significant advantages of buying in bulk, and why to prefer local semi-precious colour gemstones wholesale Canada USA  dealers?

If you're in the gemstone business and want to buy in large quantities without having any specific clients in mind, you might want to purchase from a wholesale stone dealer.

Additionally, as most wholesalers have established clientele lists of prestigious customers, you may identify a suitable wholesaler to work with as a result of this.

Let's take a quick look at a few great benefits of purchasing semi-precious colour gemstones from wholesale Canada and USA vendors.

By purchasing in bulk, you can haggle and receive significant savings.

Purchasing semi-precious coloured gemstones in bulk Canadian dealers will provide you the chance to personally visit you with their stone collection.

This increases the chance of developing a commercial relationship and earning trust.

The quality of gemstones is observable.

The worldwide gemstone industry places the most emphasis on the well-known regions of North America and Europe. High consumer purchasing power and rising demand for precious gemstones are primarily responsible for the regions' rise.

The majority of the established companies in the region's gemstone industry are planning to increase their capabilities for gemstone mining, manufacture, and processing. The mining, processing, and production of gemstones is another area on which several participants in the gemstone industry are focusing their growth strategy.Explore our semi-precious stones collection here


The following frequently asked questions will assist you in making the best choice before purchasing if you are wanting to purchase precious and semi-precious gemstones or have some questions regarding gems.

Which precious and semi-precious stones should I choose?

Stones, both precious and semi-precious, are found all over the world. To meet the demand for semi-precious and precious stones used in large pieces of jewellery, these gemstones are first mined, then cut and polished.

Picking a stone that appeals to you and your loved one in terms of colour, brilliance, and brightness is the one and only ideal way to choose precious and semi-precious stones.

This method of selecting the diamond will never lose its sentimental worth and will always be cherished and adored.

 What is the difference between precious and semi precious stones?

As a result, the distinction between precious and semi-precious stones is merely a marketing term that was created in the past.

Precious stones include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds; all other stones are classified as semi-precious.

What gives diamonds their colour?

There are numerous different explanations for how gemstones get their hue. First, some gemstones are classified as idiochromatic or self-colored, meaning that they absorb specific light wave lengths as a result of the chemistry of their composition.

In the world, how many different types of diamonds are there?

Natural gemstones come in more than 200 different varieties on the market. 

What is the price of a natural gemstone?

There is never a set cost for gems. The cost of gems fluctuates greatly depending on a variety of variables, including their character, certifications, provenance, and 4Cs. Gemstone costs can range from a very low starting point to millions of dollars.

Are semi-precious stone purchases worthwhile?

Nowadays, semi-precious stones are far more valuable than precious ones. As an illustration, more natural pearls than poor-quality ruby, emerald, sapphire, or expensive ruby stones are frequently worthwhile purchases.

 Many semi-precious stones are also more rare than some precious jewels.


Although high-quality emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are often more valuable to purchase than diamonds because of their rarity, diamonds are generally thought of as the most precious stones due to their rarity.

 What are a few common applications for semi-precious stones?

Typically, precious or semi-precious stones are used to create jewellery, including necklaces, rings, pendants, and other accessories.

 What is the origin of semi-precious stones?

Semi-precious stones are mined in nations like Tanzania, Kenya, and Kenya, just as valuable gemstones. The production of various valuable stones including sapphires, rubies, and emeralds is also very strong in these nations.However, you may easily guess the name of a gemstone origin country by its name.

Why are prices for loose semi-precious stones for sale so low?

Almost always, buying loose semi-precious stones for sale is less expensive—and in some situations, substantially more affordable—than buying a gem that has already been set.

You can also pick the gemstones you want to use in the creation of semi-precious gemstones, beads, and jewellery.

 Where are semi-precious stones sold?

Are you interested in purchasing semiprecious stones online? Visit SMGL Gems to shop; we only stock the highest quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. Visit our wonderful selection at to view it.

Why buy semi-precious gemstones from traders?

Since semi-precious gem traders are seasoned providers of gemstones and only deal in 100% natural gemstones, purchasing from them will enable you to select gemstones of the highest quality.

100% natural gemstone company SMGL Gems has been selling gemstones for more than 60 years.

Visit us at to purchase anything from our collection.

Why purchase the finest coloured gemstones online from American gem dealers?

Various gemstones are sold by gem dealers in the USA that have been directly imported from well-known African, Asian, and other mines.

These dealers offer the finest coloured gemstones, and you can choose the one you prefer.

What websites sell the finest coloured gemstones?

The best venues to get quality gemstones are wholesalers. Only the finest colour gemstones acquired from the best mines in the world are used to stock their inventory.

Popular semi-precious stones offered by SMGL Gems include peridot, amethyst, garnet, blue topaz, tourmaline, and opal.

What are some semi-precious stones that are affordable to start with?

Gemstones come in more than 500 different known varieties. Turquoise, garnet, citrine, and tourmaline are a few of them.

Custom Cut Gems

If you would like to order custom-crafted gems from the best lapidarists around the globe then please don't hesitate to contact us!

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